Review: The Way to Treasure Island

The bright, colourful artwork on the front cover drew T in when making tonight's choice - The Way to Treasure Island by Lizzy Stewart. This is the story of a young girl called Matilda and her dad - two people who are very different but always have fun together. Their relationship is put to the... Continue Reading →

Review: There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom

You'll probably recognise this title from the famous Iceland Christmas advert of 2018 that was remarkably band for being 'political'! Well, it has now made its was into our home in picture book form and was picked out for tonight's bedtime story - There's a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom by James Sellick and Frann Preston-Gannon.... Continue Reading →

Review: The Last Tree

This book is bloody brilliant! T's sixth birthday meant he had lots of new books to choose from, and, because he loves and is determined to save nature and wildlife, he picked out The Last Tree by Emily Haworth-Booth. I'll say it again - this book is bloody brilliant. We open following a group of... Continue Reading →

Review: It’s Okay to be Different

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out the attractively colourful It's Okay to be Different by Todd Parr. This is a lovely, reassuring book that shows children the many wonderful ways in which the might be different, from big ears and classes through to pet worms and different mums/dads. Each page begins with the declaration... Continue Reading →

Review: Welcome to Ballet School

For tonight's bedtime read, T and I had a look through a brilliant bit of recent #bookpost - Welcome to Ballet School by Ashley Bouder and Julia Bereciartu. As you might be able to discern from the title, this is a book that introduces you to the basics of ballet through a group of five... Continue Reading →

Review: Knock Knock Pirate

Tonight was the last of our most recent library collection - Knock Knock Pirate by Caryl Hart and Nick East. A young girl is home alone and answers her door to a rather impressive looking pirate. The pirate invites herself in and soon the house is swamped with pirates up to no good - we... Continue Reading →

Review: The Snowbear

For tonight's bedtime read, we had a second evening with Sean as T picked out The Snowbear by Sean Taylor and Claire Alexander. Iggy and Martina are a brother and sister who wake up to that most magical of morning surprises - snow! They immediately head out and, after building a Snowbear, ignore their mother's... Continue Reading →

Review: Kiss the Crocodile

After a quick trip to the library today, we had a few new books to pick from and T was immediately drawn to Kiss the Crocodile by Sean Taylor and Ben Mantle. Monkey is enjoying some fun and games with her friends Anteater and Tortoise when the stumble across Little Crocodile and his mum. The... Continue Reading →

Review: Muddypaws

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a book we found in our local charity shop back in those days when you could just walk in and around without even thinking about it (miss those days) - Muddypaws by Moira Butterfield and Simon Mendez. Muddypaws is the story of one biy's quest to find a... Continue Reading →

Review: Wherever You Go… I Go

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a book we have had waiting for a while - Wherever You Go... I Go by Beth Shoshan and Petra Brown. This is a touching tale of the bond between mother and child, told theough the eyes of a young elephant. The youngster has nothing but adoration for... Continue Reading →

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