Review: Scaredy Bat

Tonight was our stop on the blog tour for Scaredy Bat, by Jonathan Meres and Anders Frang, and we got to enjoy this one in a location with bats swooping around us as night fell! The first twist in this story come though with a daytime setting and it from here that we have lots... Continue Reading →

Review: Amara and the Bats

Tonight was our stop on the #blogtour for the wonderful Emma Reynolds' author/illustrator debut - Amara and the Bats. An early encounter with a bat trapped in the attic of her home leads to a massive love of these cute animals for Amara. Imagine her disappointment then when she moves home and discovers that building... Continue Reading →

Review: Delightfully Different Dilly

Tonight was our stop on the #blogtour for a sweet new book - Delightfully Different Dilly by Elizabeth Dale and Liam Darcy! The story is set in Antarctica were a huge family of penguins all live - looking and waddling pretty much exactly the same. Things change with the arrival of Dilly. Her parents love... Continue Reading →

Review: The Worst Witch

We borrowed a classic chapter book from mummy's collection for one of our latest reads - The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy. For the uninitiated, Mildred is a first year student at Mrs Cackle's Academy for Witches. And despite her best attempts to fit in, trouble seems to follow Mildred wherever she goes and whatever... Continue Reading →

Review: When We Say Black Lives Matter

Tonight was our turn on the #blogtour for the picture book When We Say Black Lives Matter by Maxine Beneba Clarke. The Black Lives Matter movement has risen to prominence globally following a number of tragic events of the last couple of years, and now we have a book that does great work to introduce... Continue Reading →

Reading Suitcase

T was very excited to leave school last Friday with his class reading suitcase! Inside, we found 4 awesome books and some nice reading activity ideas and we have really enjoyed getting stuck in over the last few days! Friday was Tom Percival's awesome book The Invisible which T and L enjoyed with mummy! Over... Continue Reading →

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