Review: Cinderella’s Ballet Shoes

With T celebrating a very special day today, he had lots of new books to choose from. After much deliberation, he picked out Cinderella's Ballet Shoes by Sue Nicholson and Flavia Sorrentino - a gift from "tall and ginger" Aunty Laura and Uncle Chris. In this original story starring some recognisable fairytale characters, we meet... Continue Reading →


No Review

Tonight, for the first night since January 1st 2018, there will be no bedtime story and no review of a picturebook on our blog. And the reason for this is simple - Bradford council are proposing further budget cuts for their library service (taking the library budget down from £7m in 2008 to £1m for... Continue Reading →

Review: Dare

Tonight, T finally picked out a library book that has been waiting for what seems like forever on his bookshelf - Dare by Lorna Gutierrez and Polly Noakes. This is a picture book without a story. Instead, what you get it an inspirational message of empowerment and encouragement. This comes in the form of a... Continue Reading →

Review: Tom’s Magnificent Machines

Tonight, T choice of book was inspired by his building of a rather impressive train - he gave it free choice and, inspired by the tracks on the front cover, it picked out Tom's Magnificent Machines by Linda Sarah and Ben Mantle. Tom lives with his dad and together they love building. Eventually, this passion... Continue Reading →

Review: Izzy Gizmo

Tonight, after an evening birthday party for a school friend, we returned home and were almost straight to bed! T icked out Izzy Gizmo, by Pip Jones and Sara Ogilvie, for his bedtime story. Izzy is a young girl who loves inventing, mending and tweaking. Sadly, her inventions sometimes go wrong and when this happens... Continue Reading →

Review: A Little Bit Brave

Tonight T picked out a story which encapsulates how he has been over the last couple of weeks joining a new football team and starting Reception - A Little Bit Brave by Nicola Kinnear. This story stars two rabbits - Logan and Luna. Whilst Luna is daring and full of adventure, Logan much prefers the... Continue Reading →

Review: Mighty Min

Tonight, we had a late bedtime after a busy evening and T picked out Mighty Min, by Melissa Castrillón, for his bedtime story. Min is a tiny girl who lives at the bottom of the garden with her four small-but-mighty aunts. Her evenings are filled with tales of her aunt's extraordinary deeds. One night, Min... Continue Reading →

Review: The Steves

With Morag Hood fast becoming one of our absolute favourite authors, we sneaked into Baby L's room tonight to pinch her latest book from his #tbr pile - The Steves. Steve is a puffin. Steve is also a puffin. Neither are pleased about sharing a name and a squabble quickly becomes a full-blown argument about... Continue Reading →

Review: A Lion Is A Lion

Tonight, despite the best efforts of mummy to steer him in another direction, T picked out A Lion Is A Lion, by Polly Dunbar, for his bedtime story. The story opens with the introduction of a rather fierce looking lion before asking its recurring question for the first time - Is a lion still a... Continue Reading →

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