Review: Catch That Cough

Tonight our bedtime story was back to normal and T decided he wanted to read Catch That Cough, by Bonnie Bridgman and Louise Forshaw. The story begins with Maisy and her friend Leo playing together. The game is interrupted by a cough, which becomes much more of a problem than it could have been when... Continue Reading →

Review: Christopher Nibble

Today, after lots of fun for Children in Need, T was lucky enough to find a book as part of his school's first 'Look for a Book in Haworth' event. Perhaps unsurprisingly, he was eager to read that book - Christopher Nibble by Charlotte Middleton - for his bedtime story!Christopher Nibble is one of many... Continue Reading →

Review: Wolves

Tonight we finally got round to reading the debut book of one of our all-time favourite author/illustrators - Wolves by Emily Gravett. The clever writing, humour and epic illustrations that have become a trademark of Emily are immediately on show is this multi award winning debut picture book! Rabbit nips to the library and picks... Continue Reading →

Review: Happy!

Tonight we joined Baby L for a bedtime read that was a song before it became a book - Happy by Pharrell Williams. Now first things first - if you know the song (and surely you will!), this is very difficult to read with bursting into song! Once opened, what you find are some of... Continue Reading →

Review: Lucky

Tonight we read a school book and a school library book before T picked out Lucky, by David Mackintosh, for his bedtime story. Lucky is the story of two boys whose day begins with their mother telling them to expect a surprise at dinner. Whilst speculation begins with the narrators brother, Leo, suggesting crinkle chips,... Continue Reading →

Review: Wibbly Pig and the Tooky

Tonight, after a chat about Rememberance and a read of his school book, T picked out Wibbly Pig and the Tooky, by Mick Inkpen, for his bedtime story. Despite the title, it's Big Pig's Sister and her friend at the centre of the story as they return from the zoo with a toy koala and... Continue Reading →

Review: The Dreamer

Tonight T picked a book from his library pile that seems to have been waiting forever to be read - The Dreamer by Il Sung Na. It was worth the wait! The Dreamer of the title is a pig who admires birds and dreams of joining them as they fly south for the winter. He... Continue Reading →

Snub-nosed Monkeys Comprehension!

In one of the most exciting and stunning sequences from the Seven Worlds, One Planet episode on Asia, Sir David Attenborough followed a group of snub-nosed monkeys as they battled to survive a terrible winter. Whilst barely surviving on bark and moss, a rival group arrive to do battle for the food and territory! The... Continue Reading →

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