Day 4 – Mighty Small

Mighty Small, by Timothy Knapman and Rosie Reeve, is a children’s book which bucks the trend – it does not rhyme!

Instead, the focus is on telling a really good story featuring Max Small, a mouse with a superhero secret identity! At first, he struggles to find a superpower and, after a few incidents where the baddies get away, he decides to hang up his cape!

That all changes though when the circus comes to town and steals all the bags of gold from the town bank. As the only witness, Max has no choice but to dust off his cape, mask and underpants in an attempt to save foil their dastardly plans! The return of Mighty Small allows Max to discover his superpower – nothing can stop him doing the right thing! And with that he bravely fights off a gang of assorted heavies and saves the day!

We both really enjoyed this book. There are lots of funny illustrations, plenty of opportunities to practice your silly voice through a range of baddies, and an awesome superhero cry – “Baddie Pants Beware!” A 5/5 again today and a nice change of pace with no rhyming.

I asked T what he liked and he said, “He is a mouse and he’s got pants and a mask and back thing (cape) and boots!”

This one comes highly recommended. If you would like a copy to read with your child, head this way –

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