Day 59 – I’m Not Reading! Review

With the excitement of a new baby brother arriving home this evening, I was expecting selection of a bedtime story to be a bit of a challenge. That wasn't to be though, and T quickly picked out I'm Not Reading! by Jonathan Allen for tonight's read. Baby Owl, the book's star, is sat in a... Continue Reading →

Day 58 – Betty Goes Bananas Review

After a brief look, T honed in on 'monkey' for tonight's bedtime story - Betty Goes Bananas by Steve Antony. The book begins with Betty, who is actually a gorilla, spotting a banana on the floor! Like anybody would, she saw the banana, was hungry and so wanted to eat it! Unfortunately, no matter what... Continue Reading →

Day 57 – Cat & Dog Review

Today we received a parcel in the post and T was eager to read one of the books in the parcel for his bedtime story tonight - Cat & Dog by Helen Oswald and Zoe Waring. In the story we learn that Cat and Dog lead separate lives (Cat asleep all day and Dog asleep... Continue Reading →

Week 8 Book of the Week!

T had a few moments of indecision, and for a few terrifying moments I thought he was going to pick Topsy and Tim Go Camping, as his Book of the Week this week! Thankfully though, he eventually went for the excellent The King Cat by Marta Alt├ęs! The book clearly resonated ahead of the imminent... Continue Reading →

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