Day 38 – Stick Man Review

T’s choice of bedtime story was a very well-thumbed copy of the ridiculously popular Stick Man, by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler.

We, like many houses with toddlers I would imagine, have copies of lots of Julia Donaldson books. Stick Man has always been one of our favourites, and it is as popular as it is for very good reason!

The story begins with Stick Man leaving the family tree for a jog. Via a dog, children, a swan, a dad and various other people, he ends up a long way from home.

Eventually, he finds himself alone in the cold before being picked up to add to a fire. It is here that all seems lost, until Stick Man is woken by a noise in the chimney!

He pulls on a foot and manages to free a stuck Santa! Stick Man then helps Santa deliver his presents and then has the favour returned when Santa takes him back to the family tree! The happy ending is completed with a resolution from Stick Man that he will be, “sticking right here,” in future.

This is honestly a brilliant book. The story is warm, funny and endearing. The characters are likeable and recognisable (Stick Man probably enjoys a similar level of fame to Santa in the toddler world). The illustrations are charming and detailed. And the story is perfectly written – it is a pleasure to read out loud! It also comes with a faithful adaptation by the BBC that brings the story to life perfectly.

T loves this book. We have read it many times and he is currently carrying a Stick Man, that we found in the local park, around with him! He told me that, “dog and swan are not kind,” and that, “I like when Santa is with Stick Man.”

If you are one of the minority who haven’t read this book, you can rectify that by buying a copy here:


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