Day 90 Review: Squirrel me Timbers

The front cover of tonight's read offers squirrels and pirates, so it was a no-brainer that T would pick out Squirrel me Timbers, by Louise Pigott, for tonight's bedtime story. Sammy is a squirrel who, much like anybody at some point in their life, dreams of being a pirate. When one day he stumbles upon... Continue Reading →

Day 89 Review: The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

I have been putting off reading this one as it looks quite meaty, but tonight T would not be denied and selected The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig, by Eugene Trivizas and Helen Oxenbury, for his bedtime story. The book looks at first as if it will be a standard inversion of... Continue Reading →

Day 87 Review: The Giant of Jum

It has been a long while come, but tonight so T eventually pick out The Giant of Jum, by Elli Woollard and Benji Davies, for his bedtime story. The story stars a grump old giant who wants to satisfy his hunger by eating a child. He remembers a tale his uncle has told him invoving... Continue Reading →

Day 86 Review: When…

Tonight T had a hard time choosing, so he put the decision in the capable hands of his toy campervan! One roll later and the campervan had selected When... by Emma Dodd! When... is a lovely story involving a young bear sharing his hopes and dreams for the future. The line, "When I grow up,... Continue Reading →

Week 12 Book of the Week!

In truth, any of the books we have read this week could have been chosen, such has been the quality. However, T was certain in his choice - proclaiming, "Giraffe on a Bicycle," (by Julia Woolf) multiple times to ensure I got the message! You can read our original review of the book here -... Continue Reading →

Day 83 Review: Giraffe on a Bicycle

One of T's favourite animals is the giraffe, and the same animal stars in tonight's bedtime story - Giraffe on a Bicycle by Julia Woolf. In this story, monkey finds a bicycle which giraffe knows how to ride (sort of). With a bit of practice, the pair soon get the hang of it and set... Continue Reading →

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