Day 71 – Tyrannosaurus Drip Review

For tonight’s bedtime story T decided he wanted his millionth read of the BRILLIANT Tyrannosaurus Drip by Julia Donaldson and David Roberts. This is probably one of Julia’s less well-known books but it really shouldn’t be.

The story begins with an introduction to the Duckbill Dinosaurs, vegetarian swamp dwellers. Across the river from the Duckbills live a family of Tyrannosauruses who would like to eat the Duckbills but cannot catch them as they cannot swim!

One day a Duckbill egg is stolen and it ends up in the T-Rex nest where it hatches and causes great confusion, looking weak and refusing to eat meat! When the Tyrannosauruses sing their war song, Drip (he is given the name by his mean sisters) gets the words all wrong!

Eventually, Drip decides to run away and finds he can swim. He meets a herd of Duckbill Dinosaurs and joins them! When a storm brings down a tree and gives the Tyrannosauruses a path across the river, it falls on Drip to save the day!

There are so many things that make this book brilliant! We love the “Up with hunting! Up with war! Up with bellyfuls of Duckbill Dinosaur!” war cry of the Tyrannosauruses! We also love the awesome illustrations that are packed full of detail and the hilariously heroic ending. What really makes this book though is the pace that Julia Donaldson has weaved into the story! The rhythm and rhyme is spot on and really creates fun and excitement when reading this out loud. We have read this story many times and we will read it many more. And so should you!

T told me, “dinosaurs are funny,” and, “this my favourite.” He also laughs his head off throughout the reading of this book. Particularly during the war cries!

Get a copy of his book! You can get it via this link if you wish:


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