Day 120: Review – Supertato

Having picked up and read a sequel to this story recently, T was very excited when he spotted Supertato, by Sue Hendra, and picked it out immediately for tonight's bedtime story! In this first instalment, something small and round and green is causing big trouble! Veggies are being stuck down by plasters and wrapped in... Continue Reading →

Day 119: Review – Sir Dancealot

For his bedtime read today, T picked out Sir Dancealot by Timothy Knapman and Keith Robinson. Sir Dancealot is the tale of the bravest knight of all, a young boy who defeats any fearsome fiend who dares to attack his kingdom using his incredible dance moves! Such is his reputation, the mere mention of disco... Continue Reading →

Day 118: Review – Stick!

Tonight we were very late to bed as T had been partying the evening away with his uncles (collectively known as Uncle Jete!). We needed a short book, and, thankfully, T picked out Stick! by Andy Pritchett. Puppy has a new toy, a stick, and he is desperately looking for somebody to play with. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Day 115: Review – Superkid

Despite all indications suggesting his choice lie elsewhere, T picked out Superkid, by Claire Freedman and Sarah McIntyre, for tonight's bedtime story. Superkid is a boy who seems ordinary, just like the target reader, but who has a secret identity. Through an excellent rhyming story, filled with onomatopoeia, we learn about all the great things... Continue Reading →

Day 114: Review – Grumpy Frog

For tonight's bedtime read T picked out Grumpy Frog by Ed Vere. Despite the suggestion in the title, Frog is adamant that he is not grumpy. However, we soon learn that this is only true if things are just as Frog likes them. As long as everything is green, Frog and his friends are hopping... Continue Reading →

Day 112: Review – Dinosaur Farm

When he spotted the tractor, and then the dinosaurs, on the front cover there could be only one choice. For tonight's bedtime story T picked out Dinosaur Farm by Frann Preston-Gannon. The premise for this read is simple enough. We meet a farmer and are talked through his long and laborious day on the farm.... Continue Reading →

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