Day 119: Review – Sir Dancealot

For his bedtime read today, T picked out Sir Dancealot by Timothy Knapman and Keith Robinson.

Sir Dancealot is the tale of the bravest knight of all, a young boy who defeats any fearsome fiend who dares to attack his kingdom using his incredible dance moves! Such is his reputation, the mere mention of disco lights sends monsters running!

All that changes one day when a horrible dragon arrives. Aware of Sir Dancealot’s reputation, the dragon has learned to dance and challenges Sir Dancealot to a dance off, on ice!

Things aren’t looking good for Sir Dancealot and his kingdom. Can our hero turn things around and save the day when faced with his biggest challenge ever? Could we even see the birth of a new dance partnership to rival Torvill and Dean?!

This a book with a lot going for it. Who doesn’t enjoy knights and dragons? Good versus evil? Dance in its various forms? Timothy Knapman is as funny as ever, an excellent rhyme filled with fun and accompanied by hilarious illustrations! An ideal read (though it is quite long) together book perfect for children 3 and up.

T told me that he liked, “the dragon and Sir Dancealot and he likes to do dancing like me.” I asked him who his favourite character was and he was clear here…

You can get a copy of tonight’s read via the following link:


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