Day 151: Review – Goodnight Spaceman

After a trip to the library earlier today, we had a fresh haul of books to choose from. First up, T picked out Goodnight Spaceman, by Michelle Robinson and Nick East, for tonight's bedtime story. This is one of a series of Goodnight books which all follow the same pattern, a calming rhyme preparing the... Continue Reading →

#FRED on Gender and Ethnic Diversity in Picture Books

After recently reading a picture book called Rita's Rhino I was left quite frustrated by what appeared to be a real lack of diversity and representation in picture books and so decided to have a look back at what T and I had read so far. We are 150 books in on our daily reading... Continue Reading →

Day 148: Review – Rita’s Rhino

T has been working his way through his library tbr pile and tonight picked out Rita's Rhino, by Tony Ross, for his bedtime story. Rita is a young girl who wants a pet. Despite her mother being initially against it, she eventually agrees to a very small pet and presents her daughter with a flea... Continue Reading →

Day 147: Review – Go to Sleep!

Tonight we are taking part in our second ever blog tour, reading a new book called Go to Sleep! by Marion Adams and Sarah-Leigh Wills. Go to Sleep is a simple story about a young sheep called Tansy who is finding it difficult to sleep. She follows advice from her mum to think of things... Continue Reading →

Week 21 Book of the Week!

I would have bet money on TiN being T's choice for Book of the Week this week, but T threw a curveball by picking out The Great Aaa-Ooo! by Jonny Lambert for his 21st book of the week! T told me that he liked the noises and enjoyed another read of the book, sharing bits... Continue Reading →

Day 146: Review – A Busy Day for Birds

After ruling out a few options, T left himself with A Busy Day for Birds, by Lucy Cousins, for tonight's bedtime read. Rather than going down the traditional story route, today's choice begins by addressing the reader directly and asking them to imagine being a bird for one day! We are then taken on a... Continue Reading →

Day 144: Review – Goodnight Already!

For tonight's bedtime read, T picked out a book that has a front cover star who could have been modelled on me at the moment - Goodnight Already! by Jory John and Benji Davies. Tonight's story has a simple premise - Bear is feeling extremely tired and is ready for bed, while his neighbour Duck... Continue Reading →

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