Day 212: Review – Animal Babies

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a lovely, educational read - Animal Babies by Thomas Flintham! The book is a beautiful introduction to the variety of names given to different baby animals. What is really nice is that the book knows its audience well, so all of the animals are ones children in the... Continue Reading →

Day 211: Review – Fussy Freda

For tonight's bedtime read, T finally picked out a book I have been hinting at for ages - Fussy Freda by Julia Jarman and Fred Blunt. Freda is a young girl who is an incredibly fussy eater. Her issues are first shown with rejection of greens and fruit, but we soon learn there is a... Continue Reading →

Day 210: Review – Where Bear?

T finally picked out a book I have been looking forward to reading with him for ages, Where Bear? by Sophy Henn. The story stars a bear and a boy who live together. All is well at first, but then the bear grows and becomes more bearish! Realising this might be problematic, the boy decides... Continue Reading →

Day 208: Review – Just Like Daddy

After yesterday's read, there was only one book in the running for tonight's bedtime story - Just Like Daddy by Lucy Freegard! Today we have a young raccoon narrating. Whilst friends dream of ballet, engineering and a pirate life, our narrator has only one ambition - to be just like daddy. And boy does he... Continue Reading →

Day 207: Review – Just Like Mummy

Once T heard the word mummy in the title, he was sold on Just Like Mummy, by Lucy Freegard, for tonight's bedtime story choice. The story is narrated by a cute leopard whose friends have ambitions to be doctors or astronauts when they grow up. Our narrator's ambition is much simpler - she has decided... Continue Reading →

Day 206: Review – My Pet Book

After some initial struggles choosing, T settled on My Pet Book, by Bob Staake, for tonight's bedtime story. A young boy who lives in Smartytown has a very unusual pet. All the standard pets have their faults so the boy decides that the perfect pet for him would be a book! A frisky, red hardcover... Continue Reading →

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