Day 243: Review – Leave Me Alone

For tonight's bedtime story T picked out Leave Me Alone by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish. A young boy sits alone in a field. Over the course of the book he is approached by a number of animals, including a fly, robin, cat and cow. With each new animals arrival, the boy utters the same... Continue Reading →

Day 242: Review – Rhyme Crime

After an eventful day involving the theft of Hogwart's Sorting Hat, we stuck with the crime theme for T's bedtime story, with T picking out Rhyme Crime, by Jon Burgerman, for tonight's read. Rhyme Crime tells the story of a devious thief who replaces everything he steals with a rhyme. In the book, we watch... Continue Reading →

Day 241: Review – Ug-A-Lug

After a trip to the library this afternoon, T had lots of new books to choose from. For tonight's read, he selected Ug-A-Lug: Four Cavemen and a Prehistoric Pencil by Jill Lewis and Simon Rickerty. Four cavemen (Colin, Clive, Carlos and Flint) are drawn by a little boy and one day something amazing happens. The... Continue Reading →

Day 238: Review – Blue & Bertie

Tonight's bedtime story is one that mummy selected on one of our recent visits to the library - Blue & Bertie by Kristyna Litten. Bertie lives with a herd of giraffe and every day they do the same things: 1) Crunchity-crunch on sweet leaves. 2) Sip, slurp at the watering hole. 3) Curl up their... Continue Reading →

Day 235: Review – WatAdventure in Australia

We recently received some lovely book post courtesy of Tiny Tree Books (@TinyTreeBooks) and included amongst the many awesome books was T's choice for tonight's bedtime story - WatAdventure in Australia by Richard David Lawman and Katie Williams. The book is from a new childrens publisher called WatAdventure and the star of the story is... Continue Reading →

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