Day 234: Review – Soon

Tonight’s choice was picked up in the library and has been waiting patiently for tonight, when T picked out Soon, by Timothy Knapman and Patrick Benson, for his bedtime story.

Raju is a young elephant who sets off early one morning on an adventure with his mummy. They travel through rivers, forests and grassland, encountering dangerous animals along the way. Fortunately, mummy has lots of defensive tricks up her sleeve and keeps the crocodiles, snakes and tigers at bay.

The book takes its name from a response mummy gives to a question Raju asks frequently about when they will be going home again. Is asks again for the final time as the pair stand at the top of a mountain, surveying their world. On this occasion soon is replaced by now! It isn’t the last time Raju hears the answer soon though, as he has questions about when their next great adventure will be the moment they arrive home!

Timothy Knapman is one of our favourite authors and this is a bit of a departure from what we have read by him before. This is no bad thing though. Humour and high-jinks have given way to a beautiful, lyrical tale that is a pleasure to read. The words flow off the tongue and the clever use of structure and repetition allow young readers to follow easily and have a go at joining in. The illustrations that accompany the words are masterful and add drama and excitement to the story. They are also of an exceptionally high quality and wouldn’t look out of place in a frame! Just look at this…

This is a perfect, soothing bedtime read, ideal for children 3 and up who will love the range of animals, the repetition in the story and the beautiful images. T really enjoyed this and told me, “elephants and snakes in the grass are my favourite and I like going on adventures.” He enjoyed looking back over the story himself, playfully engaging with the words and images.

One we recommend highly. You can get a copy of tonight’s read via the link below.

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