Day 236: Review – A Mammoth in the Fridge

For tonight’s bedtime story, T was drawn to the simplicity of the front cover of A Mammoth in the Fridge by Michaël Escoffier and Matthieu Maudet.

This is like the Ronseal of picture books – it does exactly what it says on the front cover. A boy finds a mammoth in his fridge and, after some initial scepticism, his dad suggests the fire brigade are called. Sadly, their attempts to catch the animal with a net aren’t very successful and the animal ends up taking refuge up a tree!

With no way of getting the mammoth down, the fire brigade and boys family quickly lose interest. And it’s there the animal stays until a young girl coaxes it down with calls of ‘here kitty, kitty’ and a fistful of carrots. She takes the animal home to a bedroom packed with a strange menagerie of animals, gives it a scolding and with that the book abruptly ends!

Perhaps the final two words of the story sum this book up better than I can. Silly nonsense! It’s a strange, bizarre story that you will finish reading with a puzzled look on your face! No real story, not much in the way of character development and yet somehow strangely compelling! The simplistic, illustrations suit the style well, using a limited palette and minimal detailing.

This one could be read with any child – have a look and see what they make of it! T enjoyed it and told me, “the mammoth is big and strong and the fireman was silly.” He read through well by himself and answered questions well…

You can get a copy of this random picture book via the following link.

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