Day 237: Review – Mum and Dad Glue

For tonight’s bedtime story, T picked out a story that I couldn’t decide if I was looking forward to reading or not – Mum and Dad Glue by Kes Gray and Lee Wildish.

The story is told by a little boy who opens by informing us that his mum and dad are broken and that he doesn’t know what to do. He explains that his parents marriage is coming to an end and worries that he might be the reason why. Despite reassurances from his parents and friends, the boy decides that his parents can’t separate and he heads to the Glue Shop for some ‘parent glue.’

After searching without success, the boy tells the shop owner (Mavis) what he is looking for. She takes him to one side and explains things, providing the boy with hope and showing him that his parents will always love him. From there, the boy heads home with a focus on making the best of things.

Definitely one that will pull on the heartstrings, particularly if you have been through a similar situation yourself. The story is thoughtful told, a gentle rhyme and use of the first person giving this a really intimate feel. The illustrations do a great job of showing how the boy feels, with lots of things drawn with a crack down the middle before the boy’s meeting with Mavis.

Obviously, this story could be really helpful for children who are experiencing something similar to the boy. Outside of that, I think this is one best read with older children as younger children could find this idea quite upsetting. We discussed as we read but even so T’s bottom lip was out a mile when we finished! He told me, “that is really sad for that boy because it all is broken,” and when he read through by himself he was focused on finding broken things…

It did spark valuable discussion though, which could prove vital for some children and deals with a very difficult topic in a calm, sensitive way. You can get a copy here.

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