Day 238: Review – Blue & Bertie

Tonight’s bedtime story is one that mummy selected on one of our recent visits to the library – Blue & Bertie by Kristyna Litten.

Bertie lives with a herd of giraffe and every day they do the same things:

1) Crunchity-crunch on sweet leaves.

2) Sip, slurp at the watering hole.

3) Curl up their long necks and snore, snore, snore.

One day, Bertie oversleeps and he wakes up to find himself alone for the first time ever. Unsure of what to do, he ends up lost and crying. This is when he meets Blue, a giraffe who looks just like him (apart from being blue!).

Blue offers to show Bertie the way home and the pair set off. Blue shows Bertie lots of things he has never seen before, including the rarest flowers in the world, and the pair strike up a friendship. They eventually arrive back at Bertie’s home and Blue suggests doing the same again tomorrow. Bertie initially says he can’t (his herd have a very set routine) and it looks as though the friendship is over! I’ll leave Bertie’s last surprise for you to discover!

A sweet story about friendship and lots more. There are clear messages about accepting others, individuality, differences and stepping out of your comfort zone, all wrapped up neatly in a well written and funkily illustrated tale that will appeal to readers of all ages. Just the right amount of cheese to leave you with a smile on your face as you close the book!

Perfect for reading with children 2 and up. Young listeners will like the onomatopoeia and bright colours. Older children will enjoy the challenge of new words (hesitated, shyly), the description and the message. T told me, “it’s nice when they are best friends and I have best friends too.” He could recall lots when reading alone…

You can get your own copy of this lovely story here.

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