Day 239: Review – What a Wonderful World

This over-sized picture book was part of a display on a recent visit to our local library. I immediately grabbed it and have been looking forward ever since to T picking out What a Wonderful World, by Tim Hopgood, for his bedtime story!

The book is based on the song written by Bob Thiele and George David Weiss, most famously performed by Louis Armstrong (so iconic in fact that if you didn’t hear the title of this review sung in his gravely tones in your head on reading it, I think there might be something wrong with you! 😉). The book is essentially some of the most famous, recognisable lyrics from the song brought to life through beautiful, bright illustrations.

We see trees of green, the dark sacred night, friends shaking hands and babies cry. But most importantly, we repeatedly take the time to think to ourselves – What a Wonderful World! And that is essentially it. If you know the song you’ll recognise these lyrics and an interest in seeing them brought to life will have been sparked. If you don’t know the song (how?!), listen to it

and then seek out this book!

This book was a pleasure to read! The words are truly magically and they have been captured beautifully by Tim. You can see a lot of time and effort has gone into the illustrations for each lyric, with the same hope, joy and optimism in the song captured in this artwork. An ingenious idea sparked by a gift from the authors daughter as he shares in the back of the book!

A lovely read for all ages. T enjoyed the illustrations and then had a huge smile on his face when I read it a second time, having a go at singing (it’s very hard not to sing as opposed to read this book when reading aloud). I imagine the same reaction will be pretty much universal on reading this gem! T told me, “it made me smile and the colours are beautiful.” He had a good go at singing the titular line when reading by himself…

This one is definitely worth a spot in your book collection. You can get a copy here.

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