Day 241: Review – Ug-A-Lug

After a trip to the library this afternoon, T had lots of new books to choose from. For tonight’s read, he selected Ug-A-Lug: Four Cavemen and a Prehistoric Pencil by Jill Lewis and Simon Rickerty.

Four cavemen (Colin, Clive, Carlos and Flint) are drawn by a little boy and one day something amazing happens. The boy knocks over a pencil pot and the drawing comes to life when a pencil rolls into the picture and puts out the cavemen’s fire! Obviously, the cavemen had never seen a pencil before and spend some time trying to figure out what to do with it. Clubbing, eating and climbing don’t achieve much but just when the cavemen seem stumped, Colin (the brightest in the group) has a bright idea!

The four set to work and before long they have carved out a racing car! And just in the nick of time to as a hungry tiger makes a sudden appearance! The great escape seems to be going well until a tree appears out of nowhere and puts the cavemen back to square one. And it’s not long before the hungry tiger makes a second appearance! Grab a copy for yourself to find out what happens to our four cavemen.

Such a simple and yet very imaginative idea, introducing a modern tool to prehistoric cavemen and seeing what they make of it. The book is lots of fun, has a couple of recurring jokes and lots of caveman grunts to have a go at! The illustrations capture the cavemen hilarious and pile of the fun.

Perfect for reading with children 3+ and one that would be a fun read with classes learning about the stone age (that’s my plan anyway!). T enjoyed it and told me, “it’s a funny one and the pencil race car makes me laugh and is really cool.” He remembered lots of key moments when reading by himself today…

You can get a copy of tonight’s read via the link below.

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