Day 242: Review – Rhyme Crime

After an eventful day involving the theft of Hogwart’s Sorting Hat, we stuck with the crime theme for T’s bedtime story, with T picking out Rhyme Crime, by Jon Burgerman, for tonight’s read.

Rhyme Crime tells the story of a devious thief who replaces everything he steals with a rhyme. In the book, we watch his hand sneaking across the page to steal a hat and replaces it with a cat, swap a chair for a bear and switch clogs with frogs!

Animals are a key theme, either stolen or used to replace stolen objects. Can you guess what was taken and replaced with a crocodile or what somebody lost to be replaced with a giant mouse? Eventually, the crafty thief comes a cropper when he steals an orange and can think of no rhyme! Police swoop and the thief is put in jail. But is this then end? Or will there be a twist the very next day?!

A nice reminder that sometimes it’s great to read a silly, fun book that has no lesson or agenda. We laughed all the way through, trying to guess the rhymes and even coming up with some of our own…

1) He took Daddies favourite cookie and left him something mucky!

2) The old ladies shopping trolley was replaced with a holey brolley.

3) He stole my bedroom light and left me with the night.

The illustrations are bright and pop out and T also really liked the hand reaching across the pages, trying to warn the different characters that it was coming.

Lots of fun to be had with readers of all ages with this one. A great introduction to rhyming words and lots of scope for guesswork, discussion and expansion with older and more confident readers. If nothing else, this book will definitely get you laughing! T told me, “it’s a silly one and naughty because you don’t do taking. You have to share.” When he read alone we tried to focus on recall of the rhyming words…

You can get a copy of this fun read via the following link.

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