Day 273: Review – Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a book we found at the library this weekend by one of our favourite authors - Green Lizards vs Red Rectangles by Steve Antony. The Green Lizards and the Red Rectangles are at war and, because both sides of different strengths, there seems to be a bit of... Continue Reading →

Week 39 Book of the Week!

If you are a regularly reader of this blog, our choice for #BookoftheWeek for this week should come as no surprise at all! This book is not just the book we have enjoyed most this week, it is also our favourite picture book of all time!!! High 5's to the genuinely awesome and much-loved Monty's... Continue Reading →

Day 271: Review – Lion Practice

T told me he was looking forward to a library visit tomorrow and picked out one of the few library books from our last trip that we are yet to read for his bedtime story - Lion Practice by Emma Carlisle. Laura is a young girl with a very active imagination who likes to practise... Continue Reading →

Day 268: Review – The Colour Thief

T took a while to select a read tonight, asking for his favourite bit then unable to decide exactly what that was! After a little coaxing, he settled on The Colour Thief, by Gabriel Alborozo, for his bedtime story. Zot lives in a depressing world of no colour and, as a second punch to the... Continue Reading →

Day 267: Review – Freddy and the Pig

Tonight T changed his mind a couple of times before eventually settling on Freddy and the Pig, by Charlie Higson and Mark Chambers, for his bedtime story. Freddy is a rather lazy boy who finds school boring and dreams of spending his days playing Xbox. One day he decides to make his dream a reality... Continue Reading →

Day 266: Review – Albert’s Tree

For tonight T made his way back to his library pile, attacted to a front cover that matched his pyjamas! For his bedtime read, T selected Albert's Tree by Jenni Desmond! Albert is a young bear who wakes up from hibernation with only one thing on his mind - his favourite tree (obviously)! His tree... Continue Reading →

Week 38 Book of the Week!

There was lots of strong competition this week and for quite a while T couldn't decide! After splitting the books into pairs and ruling some out, T eventually settled on There's a Monster in Your Book, by Tom Fletcher and Greg Abbott, for his 38th #BookoftheWeek! You can read our original review and watch T... Continue Reading →

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