Day 275: Review – If You’re Happy and You Know It!

Today, T brought home his first self-selected book from his preschool library. This obviously meant that he was very keen to read the same book, If You’re Happy and You Know It by Jan Ormerod and Lindsey Gardiner, for his bedtime story.

As you might expect, the book is a sing-along romp that reinvents the classic nursery rhyme with a focus on hand clapping! The book opens with a happy little girl singing the song to herself. As she reaches the climax and really wants to show her happiness with a hand clap, a dog interrupts and explains that a wag of the tail is the really way to show happiness.

From there, we are introduced to lots of different animals who all have an opinion on the right way to show off how happy you are feeling. Elephant likes a flap of the ears, Crocodile shows his teeth, Toucan prefers a click of the beak and Gorilla likes to beat his chest. There are lots of other animal ideas which ultimately lead to the young girl realising that she can do her own thing, whatever that might be, when she is feeling happy. The books ends with a reimagining of the rhyme, incorporating all of the new actions!

A word of warning: this is a high energy read that will have your children up and joining in with all the animal moves and that can work one of two ways. Either,

  • You will end up with a kid full of beans at the end of the story – not ideal for bed. Or,
  • Your child will do what T do and collapse from exhaustion having spent 15 minutes bouncing all over his room!

We had lots of fun joining in with all the moves, which are clearly and beautifully illustrated for you – T especially liked bouncing on his bed!

A perfect book to read with any young boys and girls, especially if they know the rhyme. Younger readers will just enjoy the actions while older readers will have lots of fun changing the words and trying to join in with the new rhymes and actions. T told me, “it’s really funny and I like going boing and being a monkey.” You can see in the video that he put a lot of energy into tonight’s solo read…

You can get a copy of tonight’s read via the link below.

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