Day 292: Review – The Emperor of Absurdia

I managed to save a few books from a terrible fate today and T read through lots of them with mummy before selecting one for tonight’s bedtime story – The Emperor of Absurdia by Chris Riddell.

The owner of the title Emperor of Absurdia is a young boy who we meet as he tumbles out of bed and straight into the arms of The Wardrobe Monster – a creation nowhere near as scary as he might sound! After dressing, the boy sets off on a journey through Absurdia which begins with a hunt for his scarf.

After breakfast, supper and lunch we have a second hunt as the boy chases a dragon that hatched from the egg he was about to eat. This then leads to a dragon chase, last minute rescue and a massive cuddle after which the Emperor heads to bed and has the most extraordinary dream – reality!

Typical of what we are coming to know and love of the mighty Chris Riddell. Iconic, instantly recognisable illustrations (you’d know they were his even without the name) and a strange, language-rich text filled with sky fish and umbrella trees. Even the layout of the text and illustrations is twisted and original with your eyes pulled in all directions. A book crammed full of interesting detail that requires and deserves many readings!

A perfect bedtime story to read with children 4 and up. There is excitement, beauty and intrigue on every page. T told me, “I like the Dragon and adventures,” before we got into a discussion about dreams. T even tried closing his eyes to see if he could see a dream – he didn’t find one but he did suddenly notice the ticking of his clock and pretended this was dragon footsteps! He spent a good while pouring over this book by himself and enjoying all it has to offer…

You can get your own copy of tonight’s read via the link below.

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