Day 293: Review – The Gingerbread Man 2

T has been enjoying sharing the Gingerbread Man tale with mummy recently, so when he spotted tonight’s read with a fox on the front, he eagerly picked out The Gingerbread Man 2: What Happened Later?, by Stephen Dixon, for his bedtime story.

This book picks up where the original tale ends, with the fox hungrily polishing off the Gingerbread Man. Not long after, the fox begins to feel poorly and a voice inside his tummy begins speaking and compels the fox to return to the bakery in which the Gingerbread Man was made! We even get to enjoy a ‘run, run as fast as you can,’ before a cunning plan is revealed!

In the kitchen, the fox sets about making an army of gingerbread people. After working through the night, his work is done and masses of gingerbread men are running amok in the bakery! What will become of all these new creations? And how will the baker and his wife react to a house overrun with gingerbread men? You’ll need to get yourself a copy of the book to find out!

This is a charming story that will provide much satisfaction to all of the people disappointed by the sudden ending of the traditional tale! The story is written in rhyme which has been well crafted, adding pace and humour to the story. We also really loved the illustrations which are crammed with little details and full of animals (from ants carrying gingerbread crumbs to dogs fishing!). T was particularly taken by the gingerbread man riding a mouse and the pair having a football match!

Perfect for reading with children 3 and up who will instantly recognise the characters and engage with them. A lovely read which works perfectly well as a standalone (on the off chance that you haven’t read/heard/seen a version of the original) and which also adds to the original in a way that feels natural, extending the story. T enjoyed this and told me, “there are lots of gingerbread men and it’s really funny.” He also had a go at talking to his belly to see if the gingerbread man he had eaten early today was as chatty as the one in this book. Sadly, his friend was asleep! He enjoyed flicking through by himself and recapping key moments…

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the link below.

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