Day 334: Review – My Alien and Me

For tonight's bedtime story T picked out My Alien and Me by Smriti Prasadam-Halls and Tom McLaughlin, and this really was the calm before the storm! In this book the 'alien' idea is flipped on it's head when a young boy crash lands his rocket on a planet packed with life! He is taken under... Continue Reading →

BBC Dynasties ‘Tait’s Pups Meet the Pack’ Comprehension

The fourth episode of Dynasties by the BBC and Sir David Attenborough will focus on the charismatic and beautiful Painted Wolf! Today the BBC dropped a clip that will have viewers cooing as it stars two tiny pups! You can watch the clip here... This clip is perfect for the classroom and I will... Continue Reading →

Day 332: Review – Biscuit Bear

Tonight T told me he wanted the book with the bear on it. Lots of books match this description so we had lots laid out on his bed and he eventually decided on Biscuit Bear by Mini Grey. We have read a few books by Mini Grey, all of which are original, brilliantly illustrated and... Continue Reading →

Day 330: Review – Monstersaurus

Today, T woke up from a bad dream about monsters stealing his favourite toy so, naturally, tonight he picked out a book all about monsters for his bedtime story! Monstersaurus by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. Monty is a young boy who likes inventing. Unfortunately, his inventions don't always work perfectly and he ends up... Continue Reading →

Day 328: Review – Grandma Bird

For tonight's bedtime read, T picked out another book we had picked up on a shopping trip (how hard is it to resist the call of the book aisle!) - Grandma Bird by Benji Davies. The protagonist, Noi, lives with his father and six cats but is packed off to spend the summer with his... Continue Reading →

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