BBC Dynasties Reading Comprehension


Now, if you are anything like me you will be very excited about the latest offering from the legend that is Sir David Attenborough – Dynasties – which is scheduled to start this Sunday at 8.30pm on BBC1.

Sir Dave and his incredible catalogue of natural history programmes was one of my inspirations for travelling the world after University, and I cannot wait to sit T down and watch Dynasties together!

When I’m not reading with T, I teach and today I decided I would share the trailer (which you can watch below) for Dynasties with my class. They were sat opened mouth at the beauty and spectacle which is contained within the trailer and left today suitably determined to be up later than normal on Sunday and tuning in!

As well as simply watching, I also took the opportunity to use the trailer for a reading lesson. We watched as a class and then on a second watch we paused at the relevant moments and completed the questions which you can find below. In Year 3, the children needed lots of deep discussion (which is sort of the dream in reading lessons) but managed really well with a challenging set of questions – producing some really insightful answers and prompting lots of discussion. All in, we spent just under an hour on the lesson – all quality learning time!

If you would like to use the trailer as a reading lesson too, my questions are attached below (on a word document so easily adaptable – though they should be suitable for pretty much all of KS2)

Dynasties First Look Trailer Comprehension

And here is the awesome trailer we used in the lesson…

If you have any questions or ideas for using this as an inspiration in class, add your comments below. And make sure to keep an eye out as I will definitely be doing something similar for each episode!

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