Day 315: Review – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey?

This weekend we had a visit to the library and came away with a bag full of new and exciting books! It was from the bag that T picked (very appropriate word choice there!) tonight’s bedtime story – Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Bogey by Timothy Knapman and Tom Knight.

The Big Bad Bogey lives up the nose of a giant with two rather nicer bogies (James and Alice). He spends his days plucking hairs and being a nuisance until one day the gaint has a really good pick and flicks the Big Bad Bogey away! After a song in tribute to himself, the Big Bad Bogey crash lands on the wolf at the climax of the Little Red Riding Hood story and it is here that his adventures begin!

He laughs and bounces his way through the porridge before Goldilocks can have a taste and destroys Cinderella’s carriage before squishing a frog and nabbing a kiss from a princess! He then interferes even more in Cinderella’s story when his foot fits perfectly into her glass slipper and he agrees to marry the prince!! After a run-in with some very angry storybook characters there is one final, hilarious and disgusting twist in the story of the Big Bad Bogey that I will let you discover for yourself! Enjoy!

It’s fair to say that Timothy Knapman is one of our favourite authors, producing consistently funny, enjoyable picture books that we always love! And with The Big Bad Bogey he has really smashed (or perhaps more appropriately flicked) it out of the park! This is a riotous romp through a range of stories that all young readers will recognise, but with a new, anarchic, hilarious twist! The main character is a loveable rogue (how is that even possible when we are talking about a bogey?!) who has been brought to life brilliantly by the superb illustrations of Tom Knight – his illustrations from inside the nostril are a technical, hilarious masterpiece! Just buy this book! You and your child will laugh lots!

A brilliant read packed full of belly-laughs that is a dream for children 3 and up! They will love the illustrations, laugh at the naughty Big Bad Bogey and his various predicaments and there is even the opportunity for a singalong! What’s not to like?! T LOVED it! He was laughing near uncontrollably at the end and told me, “that’s really, really funny and the bogey is so silly and disgusting!” You can see how much he enjoyed this one in tonight’s solo read…

Buy this one! Really. As Nike might say – Just do it! You can get a copy here.


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