Rang-Tan – Iceland Christmas Advert Comprehension


The ‘banning’ of the Iceland Christmas TV advert which explores the plight of the beautiful Orang-utan and the damage being done by the palm oil industry has been all over the news recently. I have been eager to share the advert with my class as I am sure they will be moved/inspired by what they see and, ultimately, we are going to be relying on the children of today to do better with the world and protect it tomorrow.

I have decided that I will introduce the advert during a whole-class reading lesson and then see where the discussions that will arise here take us. I hope that following on from the reading, we will look at doing some writing based around what we learn and the passions that are stoked; there are certainly plenty of writing opportunities that seem immediately obvious.

If you are interested in sharing the advert with your class, to explore in detail or just as a discussion prompt during reading or PSHE, then please feel free to use the comprehension questions I have written below. I have designed them with accessibility for my Year 3 class in mind (with lots of support and teacher guided talk) but they should be suitable for use across KS2.

Iceland Rang-Tan Advert Comprehension

If you have any ideas for using the advert in reading, writing or across the curriculum, please feel free to share in the comments section. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. I can’t seem to open your file.
    I read The One and Only Ivan with my boys; it was a decent novel about a gorilla who was in a very small cage in a mall, basically. I realize that’s not the same as harvesting for oil, but I appreciate authors who try to help children empathize with other world views -even animal ones.


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