BBC Dynasties ‘Return of the Emperor’ Comprehension


David Attenborough’s latest natural-history epic, Dynasties, began with a chimpanzee epic last Sunday. Tomorrow’s second episode promises to be just as exciting, with the focus on the frozen wilds of Antarctica and the majestic Emperor Penguin. The BBC has been releasing clips to whet the appetite and I was particularly impressed with one entitled Return of the Emperors which I plan to share with my class next week. If you haven’t seen the clip yet, and fancy a sneak preview of tomorrow’s episode, you can watch it here…

I will be using the clip as one of my reading lessons and plan to use the questions below (which you can download for free) to support learning of key reading skills. I have already used two clips successfully with my class (mouths agape, many questions asked, lots of learning happening), and the questions for these have now been downloaded over 5000 times with lots of positive feedback! If you want to check these out and use them with your KS2 class you can find them here;

Return of the Emperors questions – Dynasties Return of the Emperors Clip Comprehension

If you have any awesome ideas for using this incredible series in the classroom, please feel free to share them in the comments below.

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  1. Hi there, I remember you posted something on a site about selling all your comprehension questions for £5 using PayPal. Is this still available? My email address is
    If you send me the PayPal link, I’d like to purchase the pack.

    Hope that’s OK.

    Jenny Stewart


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