Day 323: Review – It All Began When I Said Yes

For tonight’s bedtime story, T picked out one of our recent library book selections – It All Began When I Said Yes by Simon Philip and Annabel Tempest.

Our narrator is a young girl whose parents have grown rather bored of her constantly saying no (to things like the offer of more broccoli or suggestions that she comb her hair!). They secure a promise that she will try to say yes more often but their timing really couldn’t have been worse – the girl immediately opens the door to a gorilla and a yes filled adventure begins.

What starts as a rather strenuous scooter ride soon leads to a gorilla in badly fitting clothes, a promise of cake that can’t be fulfilled and a birthday party attended by a menagerie of wild animals! And things aren’t helped by a hungry lion who our narrator is struggling to say no to! Surely, the girl’s parents will notice the commotion and intervene? And perhaps the young girl will learn that yes, no and maybe all have their place?!

This book is a lot of fun – it’s different, original and quite a bit cooky and this is something we both enjoyed! The narrator has been written well, with all the charm and innocence of a child, making a wacky story instantly more believable/relatable for young readers. The illustrations are big, bright and silly; T particularly taken by the messy hair and an ill-fiting t-shirt!

Lots of fun to read and explore with children 4 and up who I suspect will relate well to some of the problems faced by the young girl. T certainly enjoyed it and told me, “I just had a bath with mummy so my hair has no snails in it but that’s funny.” He enjoyed counting and exploring when reading solo…

You can get a copy of tonight’s read via the link below.

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