BBC Dynasties ‘Lion Attacked by Pack of Hyenas’ Comprehension


Tonight is the night I have been looking forward to the most, the Lion episode on Dynasties, the BBC and Sir David Attenborough’s latest natural history epic! If the first two episodes are anything to go by, this one should be amazing and will have the entire country talking!

As always, the BBC have been releasing teasers ahead of the episode, and I was blown away by this one…

It is packed full of language and drama and in two minutes manages to leave you feeling breathless, excited and desperate to find out what happens next!

I will be using the clip with my class next week, either during a whole class reading lesson or as a pair of Reciprocal Reading lessons (and also intend to use it in a staff meeting on Reciprocal Reading this week) and have attached my questions/planning for using the clip below. The questions are suitable for use across KS2 and should lead to some super discussion and comprehension in the classroom.

Dynasties Lion Attacked by Pack of Hyenas

I have had lots of positive feedback for previously uploaded comprehensions which have been downloaded over 10000 times, shared by headteachers, used in classrooms from Year 3 to Year 6 and given out as homework tasks. If you would like to download any of my previous Dynasties lesson ideas, you can find them here;

As always, if you have any other ideas for sharing these incredible resources in the classroom, leave your suggestions in the comments below.


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