BBC Dynasties ‘Tait’s Pups Meet the Pack’ Comprehension


The fourth episode of Dynasties by the BBC and Sir David Attenborough will focus on the charismatic and beautiful Painted Wolf! Today the BBC dropped a clip that will have viewers cooing as it stars two tiny pups! You can watch the clip here…

This clip is perfect for the classroom and I will be using this for a reciprocal reading and whole class comprehension lesson. Below I have attached word document which includes a brief outline of how a reciprocal reading lesson would work (Google can tell you more) and also a set of 18 comprehension questions which would be perfect for use across KS2!

Dynasties Tait’s Pups Meet the Pack

These Dynasties comprehensions have been going down a storm in classrooms up and down the country! If you have missed any of the previous sets and would like to catch up/use these with your class you can find them here…

As always, if you have any other ideas for how we could use these beautiful resources in the classroom, please do share in the comments below!


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