Day 333: Review – Unstoppable Max

T was up at 4am today and clear spotted in kindred spirit in tonight’s bedtime story – Unstoppable Max by Julia Patton.

Max is playing in his bedroom when his mummy comes in to give him a ‘5 minutes to bedtime’ warning and sets him 3 tasks;

  • Tidy away his toys.
  • Put on clean pyjamas
  • Feed his pet fish, Fluffy.

The only problem is Max doesn’t have any toys – he has an army who are mid-battle! With the help of his Thinking Hat, Max ponders his options and decides to cram his toys under his bed! In doing so, he spills some paint and this leads to disaster when putting on clean pyjamas.

Thankfully, the Thinking Hat is at hand and Max sources some alternative pyjamas, leaving only the fish feeding to complete! Things go wrong again but Max and his Thinking Hat find a solution just before mummy returns! Just before bed, Max is sent to the bathroom to clean his teeth. However, he sees instead a new opportunity, proving that Max really is Unstoppable!

This is a really funny story parked very firmly in the real-life zone. Children and parent readers will certainly see lots of Unstoppable Max in themselves/their child! We also really liked a repeated interactive element when Max puts on his Thinking Hat and 3 alternative scenarios are presented to the reader. Being a good boy, T picked out the sensible option on each occasion, pointing out the folly of the naughty and crazy ideas! This is an unusual feature in picture books and one we both really enjoyed. We also loved the illustrations which capture a cheeky toddler perfectly!

A read that children 4 and up will really enjoy, full of laughs and gasps and majorly relatable! T told me, “I liked it but Max is a bit naughty at the end with bubbles.” Solo read highlights include shape-spotting and an impromptu leg scratch!

You can get your own copy of Unstoppable Max via the link below.

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