Day 365: Review – Sweep

It's hard to believe that this is the final day of the year, our 365th book review and quite possibly the first time I have ever completed a New Year's Resolution! For his final bedtime story of 2018, T picked out one of his Christmas presents - Sweep by Louise Greig and Julia Sardà. In... Continue Reading →

Week 52 Book of the Week!

Today T chose is final #BookoftheWeek and was again inspired by sharing with his baby brother! Before I had even got through all the choices (including his pick), he told me, "my favourite is with Baby L, Leon Leon!" A great choice! You can read our full review here -

Day 364: Review – Banana!

After yesterday's read with only 5 words, a work colleague mentioned that she had read a book with her child that used only the word banana! It just so happened that we had a copy of this book so I popped it into T's selection pile and he duly picked out Banana! by Ed Vere.... Continue Reading →

Day 362: Review – The Thing

After a busy day on a visit to see family in Nottingham, T had a very interesting choice for tonight's bedtime story - The Thing by Simon Puttock and Daniel Egnéus. One day, the Thing falls from the sky and is found - still and quiet - by four strangers. The foursome have many questions... Continue Reading →

Day 361: Review – Neon Leon

As a special treat tonight, I had T and his baby brother L together for a bedtime story (@frombaby2bronte was having a well-deserved night off!). T decided he would pick one of the books that Santa brought him to read with his brother and he selected Neon Leon by Jane Clarke and Britta Teckentrup. Leon... Continue Reading →

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