Day 356: Review – The Snowflake Mistake

Tonight T finally picked out a book that I have been looking forward to reading since we received our copy – The Snowflake Mistake by Lou Treleaven and Maddie Frost.

“High, very high, almost too high to see, an ice palace floats like a ship on the sea.” And in this palace lives a princess called Ellie with her mother, the Snow Queen. Whilst Ellie is happy playing amongst the clouds and the rainbows, the Snow Queen is obsessive about producing perfectly matching snowflakes using a special machine she operates.

One day though, the Snow Queen has to leave the palace on business, leaving Princess Ellie in charge. A sequence of events conspire to leave Ellie with a broken snowflake machine and a view down to lots of disappointed children on the ground below! With no other option, she begins to make snowflakes by hand. The children on the ground don’t seem to mind that these don’t match but how will the obsessive, perfectionist Snow Queen react when she returns?!

This is a beautiful, brilliant book that is absolutely perfect for this time of year – it should be a bookshelf must-have and is one I imagine we will come back to again and again in the coming months! The story has equal parts magic and excitement, is rhymed perfectly and flows from the tongue when reading aloud and is accompanied by beautiful wintery illustrations. It’s also really nice to see a female lead taking on a challenge and solving problems all by herself; something that is still way to rare in picture books!

A perfect read for the winter months that will engage and enthrall children of all ages. T really enjoyed this one and told me, “the princess is rainbow magic and I like the snow and it’s cold and beautiful.” He spent a good while going over this one on his own, tracing letter shapes, counting, jumping, reading and cuddling his way through the story!

You can, and should get a copy of this one. The internet giant has copies here…


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