Review – Fred the Fearless Fireman

Tonight T popped up with a book I didn't even recognise, and one which did it's best to hide who the author and illustrator were! Fred the Fearless Fireman by (according to very small print hidden at the back) Ronne Randall and Frank Endersby. The book is published by Bright Sparks, with their intention to... Continue Reading →

Review – You Are (Not) Small

We had out first encounter with picturebook team Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant a couple of days ago and tonight T noticed another book of theirs and was immediately keen to read it - You Are (Not) Small. The two fuzzy bears who starred in That's (Not) Mine are back and this time they are... Continue Reading →

Review – Quick Quack Quentin

Tonight T picked out one of the lesser know but no less awesome books by the legendary picture book pairing of Kes Gray and Jim Field - Quick Quack Quentin. Quentin is a duck who we first meet on a visit to the doctor. After some tests, the doctor diagnoses Quentin with a quick quack... Continue Reading →

Review – That’s (Not) Mine

Today T wasn't in his pyjamas and he had already come to find me with the book he wanted for his bedtime story - That's (Not) Mine by Anna Kang and Christopher Weyant. The story here is a simple one. Two fuzzy bears do battle over who gets to sit in the one comfy chair... Continue Reading →

Review – Grandad’s Secret Giant

Tonight T finally picked out a book I have been looking to for a long time by an author/illustrator that everybody in our house loves - Grandad's Secret Giant by David Litchfield. Little Billy has a problem - a team have been working at the town mural all day but they can't finish it as... Continue Reading →

Review – The New Small Person

Now, everyone in our house (adults and children alike) loves Charlie and Lola, the superb CBeebies show created by Lauren Child - so it's a bit mad that we haven't reviewed any of her books yet! T decided to put that right tonight, picking out The New Small Person for his bedtime story. Elmore Green... Continue Reading →

Review – The Baby Dragon-Tamer

Having been poorly yesterday, T had spent the day off nursery and at home with mummy. This (and daddy stealing then hiding his wellies) meant he was full of beans when it came to bedtime! After a game of hide and seek, he picked out The Baby Dragon-Tamer, by Jan Fearnley, for his bedtime story.... Continue Reading →

Review – The Night Box

Tonight T picked out a book I have been looking forward to since we read the amazing Between Tick and Tock - The Night Box by Louise Greig and Ashling Lindsay. We join the story as Day is yawning and the sun is sinking away behind rooftops. A young boy, carrying a key, called Max... Continue Reading →

Review – Penguin Problems

After our first bedtime trials in a long while, T reminded me of the awesome, thoughtful little man he is blossoming in to so it was rather apt that he picked out a philosophical tale for his bedtime story - Penguin Problems by Jory John and Lane Smith. In tonight's story, we meet Penguin who... Continue Reading →

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