Review – Evil Weasel

Today was our first visit of 2019 to the library and T came away with a huge haul of exciting books. His choice for tonight’s bedtime story came from this library pile – Evil Weasel by Hannah Shaw.

Weasel is incredibly evil and this has led to him becoming almost impossibly rich. He decides that this wealth needs showing off an sends out invites to a party at his castle. With the day of the party soon upon him, Evil Weasel readies himself and waits expectantly for his guests to arrive.

Perhaps it won’t come as a surprise to you that nobody turns up to a party hosted by the most evil animal in town?! Well, Weasel is surprised and he sets out to find out why nobody turned up. Visits to Rabbit, Rat and Hedgehog shine a mirror on Weasel’s evil past before Shrew hits him with some truth bombs! Can Evil Weasel learn from this experience and make up for being a horrible bully? Grab this book and find out for yourself!

A fairly straight-forward story on the consequences of bad behaviour with a likeable main character and a funny nod at the end. Weasel proved surprisingly likeable and his speech was well written – I gave him the standard villain posh accent! The star of this book though is the illustration which is jam-packed fully of humour and jokes from the first spread to the last. There is stuff you won’t notice even after 10 reads so definitely one worth coming back to.

The length and type of story makes this one more suited to slightly older children aged 4 and up. Young readers will certainly enjoy the illustration and humour packed within. T told me, “he is really very naughty and pops the balloon.” True story! T enjoyed flicking through and recap the weasel’s interrogation of the other animals…

You can get your own copy of tonight’s story via the following link.


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