Review – Chocolate Cake

For tonight’s bedtime story, T went back to his library pile and picked out Chocolate Cake, a poem by Michael Rosen and illustrated by Kevin Waldron.

This classic poem is presented as an autobiographical account of an episode during Michael’s childhood involving his favourite treat – Chocolate Cake! Michael gets to take a piece to school but normally, the cake is all gone by the end of the day. That all changes one day when Michael goes to bed knowing that downstairs there is leftover cake!

Unable to resist temptation, Michael sneaks downstairs just for a look. Before long he is picking at crumbs and tidying up edges and soon enough the entire cake is gone! He manages to tidy up and get back in bed without being caught but surely his mum will notice her cake as gone in the morning? And could a rogue chocolatey smudge give the game away, despite Michael’s best denials?!

This is a brilliant poem that I am sure many teachers and children will recognise from Michael’s epic performance! It works really well as a picture book with lots of sound effects, excellent writing and the dry humour you have come to expect from Michael. Kevin has done a great job of bringing the poem to life visually, with excellent illustrations full of silly humour and contrasting light with dark effectively! An awesome read!

Children of all ages will enjoy this! There is much to explore in the language, awesome onomatopoeia and excellent illustration. A read that is lots of fun. T told me, “the boy was naughty,” before declaring, “but you can’t leave chocolate cake, you have to eat it all before bedtime!” Bang on! I can’t decide who reads it better, T or Michael. Let us know what you think…

You can get a copy of this hilarious, original read via the link below.


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