Review – Juniper Jupiter

This week T has been enjoying dressing up as a budget superhero – underpants on the head and jumper round his neck as a cape. When he spotted a flying girl on the front cover he immediately demanded, “I want the superhero,” picking Juniper Jupiter, by Lizzy Stewart, for his bedtime story.

Juniper Jupiter is a young girl who, no big deal, also happens to be a superhero. She is everything a good superhero should be – brave, fast, strong, smart and can fly – but sometimes finds being a superhero quite lonely. In order to combat the loneliness, Juniper Jupiter decides that she should find herself a good side-kick.

The posters go up and soon enough audition day is here. Juniper Jupiter’s worries that nobody will turn up prove unfounded when everybody turns up, hoping for a shot at being her side-kick! Things don’t go well and JJ is about to give up when the final hopeful arrives – her pet dog Peanut! Peanut ticks all the boxes and is soon flying high with Juniper Jupiter, doing lots of superhero stuff. No big deal!

Lizzy Stewart’s debut was a Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winner in 2017 and we loved it when we read it last year ( so when this second story arrived at Christmas we had high expectations! Thankfully, Juniper Jupiter is just as good as Lizzy’s debut. A fun story about the importance of friendship which is exquisitely brought to life with gorgeous illustration. We also really loved the bang-up-to-date female, black, lead character who was strong, smart, fun and very likeable (definitely worth a sequel!). This is a cracking picture book that we would highly recommend!

Perfect for children 3 and up, witj likeable characters, appealing visuals and a simple message! T loved it and told me, “the girl is really brave and can fly and I like super-dog too. I wish I could fly!” He spent a good while reading through by himself and showed particular interest in the pair sneaking up on a robber (sequel material right there!)…

If Santa (or mummy) didn’t bring you a copy of this gorgeous book, you can get one for yourself here…


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