Review – The Knight who wouldn’t Fight

For tonight’s bedtime story, T returned to his library #tbr pile to pick out The Knight who wouldn’t Fight, by Helen Docherty and Thomas Docherty, for his bedtime story.

Leo is a gentle knight who much prefers reading to fighting. Mum and Dad aren’t overly keen on this though and feel he should be fighting more (as well as reading lots). When they see an advert for a dragon tamer in their favourite magazine, Leo is given a new sword and shield and sent on his way to save the day!

His journey is a perilous one and he meets many dangerous creatures on his way. Thankfully, his learning from books and an eagerness to share stories save him from potential trouble with a Griffin and Troll. But what will happen when he finally reaches the town devastated by an enormous Dragon?! Will his love of reading be enough to tame this most ferocious of monsters?

This is a lovely story that shows children the power of books and reading! The story unravels at a gentle pace which makes for a nice bedtime read and is rhymed well and so enjoyable to read aloud (my only tiny gripe is that, in my accent, troll and roll don’t rhyme!). The illustrations are traditional, in a nice way, and have clearly taken some inspiration from Axel Scheffler. Can you guess what famous picture book springs to mind for me with this image?

A lovely, gently-exciting story with a positive, affirming message about reading that children 4 and up will really enjoy! What’s not to like?! T liked his and told me, “I like reading stories and dragons too.” He wasn’t all that keen on a solo read tonight though!

If you can’t find this at your local library, you can get a copy here.


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