Review – Fright Club

Despite many Christmas books waiting to be read, T can’t resist the call of his library pile at the moment, picking out Fright Club, by Ethan Long, for tonight’s bedtime story.

Halloween is fast approaching and Vladimir has called a final meeting of Fright Club in order to go over Operation Kiddy Scare one last time. With the meeting about to start, a bunny knocks at the door eager to join, only to be laughed away by Vladimir. According to Vladimir, the bunny is too cute and not in away way scary.

Back at the meeting, Vladimir makes the unfortunate discovery that is band of monsters isn’t up to much in the scary stakes either. Their ghoulish faces are funny and their scary moves are too dancy. And things aren’t helped by constant interruptions; first from the bunny’s lawyer and then from a group demanding permission to join Fright Club. Could a scare be just what they need to get in and to save Vladimir’s Operation Kiddy Scare from failure?!

This is a funny, mildly scary and mainly funny story that we both enjoyed. I took the opportunity to try out a range of monster voices and we both found a lot to look at, be grossed out by and laugh at in the illustration. The story does a great job of building character and tension and has a Halloween payoff at the end.

Maybe best read with children 4 and up who are not of a nervous disposition. Children will like the humour, scares and silliness. T was particularly drawn to one illustration telling me, “I don’t want to see the eyes popping out again, and then adding, “I want a teddy mummy whose eyes pop out!” He obviously then spent a large part of his solo read fixated on this same illustration…

If you want to prep well in advance of Halloween, or just fancy a scary read, you can get a copy of tonight’s book here…


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