Another FRED Reviews… Jamberry

As part of an eagerness to expand the blog and share other dads (and mums) reading, I will be running a new, semi-regular feature sharing other dad’s reading and discussing reading! Up first is Dave, who tweets as @1BeardedDad – definitely worth a follow!

Review – Jamberry by Bruce Degen

When choosing a book to read at any point during the day or night, my daughter, wife and I have the same first choice every time!

Jamberry by Bruce Degen!

It’s a rhyming storybook about an adventure picking berries for jam, written in a fun way for both reader and listener. As a dyslexic, I can find rhyming a bit challenging but I have powered through and my daughter just loves it!

With the way it is written, you find yourself putting emotion and excitement into each line. One of our favourite lines is, “Moonberry, Starberry, Cloudberry sky. Boomberry, Zoomberry, rockets shoot by,” which I think I have read out loud over 100 different ways so far! When my wife reads Jamberry to our daughter, I even hear her read it in different ways to.

Jamberry is a happy, short story that is just a pleasure to read!

Interview with @1BeardedDad

1) What is your favourite childrens book? Why?

When I was a child my favourite books were the Discworld collection by Terry Pratchett. I would love to read all the adventures and immerse myself into the Discworld universe, discovering the mystery crimes solved by Captain Vines of the Night Watch and what the wizards are getting up to.

2) Which book do you most enjoy reading with your child? Why?

Jamberry – see above!

3) Why do you think reading with your child is important?

It is my belief that reading to your child from a young age is one of the greatest things you can do. For me, I feel a strong bond has been set with my daughter and I feel that she learns a lot from me when I read to her.

4) How do you share the reading load in your household?

Between my wife and I we like to take it in turns to read to our daughter as we both enjoy her reaction to Jamberry and a selection of other books.

5) Do you use a library? Why/why not?

We are yet to start with visiting libraries but is something I intend for us to do as a family. It would give my daughter a large access to a wide selection of books and I feel she would be more open to learning further given her own choice in a library.

6) What books have you got saved in your Amazon basket?

My online shopping accounts are all set and have nearly all the Terry Pratchett collection ready to buy.

7) If you could write a children’s book on any topic, what would you write?

If I was to write a children’s book today, I would hope to write a fantasy which would star a happy-go-lucky character, mid-age, running around with his daughter fighting dragons and flying spaceships!

Maybe that’s why I’m not an accomplished author?!

8) How will you cope when your child decides they no longer want to read with you?

Looking into the future, I know the day will come when my daughter will no longer want to read with me or my wife, which I know I would find saddening! But, as long as the memories of the times we have read together are in our minds, I will be a happy, happy parent!

If you would like to take part in a future ‘Another FRED’ feature, please get in touch! The comments, our contact page or Twitter would work!

And if you are interested in buying Jamberry, you can get a copy here…


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