Review – Between Tick and Tock

Tonight, T was finally tempted away from his library pile by a gorgeous-looking book that Father Christmas dropped off recently – Between Tick and Tock by Louise Greig and Ashling Lindsay.

The events of this book take place in a grey city which is always in a rush. Loneliness and loss are prevalent but, thankfully, somebody is watching with the power to put things right. Liesel is a young girl with the power to pause the cities clock and, as she does this, a still and silence decends.

Liesel then takes full advantage of the opportunity that this presents adding colour to a dark alleyway, settling arguments by sharing and guiding the lost back to safety. With other inhabitants put on a path to friendship, lost items returned, the grey driven out and a stray dog collected, Liesel returns to her home and restarts the clock. Her city rumbles back to life, refreshed and sparkling and Liesel watches on with her new friend, Ben.

Sometimes a book finds its way to you and blows you away with its majesty and awesomeness. Tonight, this is what happened for us. This book is, quite simply, devine! The text, poetic, rhythmic and hypnotising is a triumph and is dropped in amongst some beautiful, original illustration. This was a joy to both read and listen to and is a book that we will be returning to many times! Buy it!!!

A calming, flowing, joyous read that would be perfect for a bedtime story with children 4 and up. This book would also be an asset in the primary classrooms, particularly with the current focus on mindfulness. T listened quietly and told me afterwards, “I like the tick and tock.” You can see the hypnotising affect this had had on him in his solo read were he says nothing else!

We definitely think you should buy this book! You can get a copy here…


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