Review – Spots or Stripes?

Tonight T was drawn to the two characters arguing on the front cover of Spots or Stripes, by Vasanti Unka, when picking out his bedtime story. All is peaceful in the jungle until Tiger and Leopard begin a discussion about whether spots or stripes are more handsome. Their chat soon becomes a squabble, then a... Continue Reading →

Review – I Want to be In a Scary Story

Tonight, T picked out a second book by a newly discovered (for us) picture book dream team - I Want to be In a Scary Story by Sean Taylor and Jean Jullien. This book immediately grabs your attention as it opens with a conversation between an unseen narrator and the main character - Little Monster.... Continue Reading →

Review – Welcome

Tonight T was drawn to "the funny polar bear with the really big nose" on the front cover of Welcome by Barroux. The book is narrated by a polar bear who opens the story enjoying a paddle in the peace and quiet of his icy home. Suddenly, that quiet is interrupted by a huge noise... Continue Reading →

Review – Little Wizard

My favourite colour is purple (although I often pretend it's blue) so it was I who was drawn to tonight's choice on our most recent library visit. Nevertheless, it was T who decided that tonight our bedtime read would be Little Wizard by Kazuno Kohara. Little Wizard isn't having a great time at The Academy... Continue Reading →

Review – How to Lose a Lemur

It took a while for T to decide on a book tonight, but eventually he picked out one of our current library pile - How to Lose a Lemur by Frann Preston-Gannon. The story is one of a young boy who comes face-to-face with a lemur and does his best to escape him because, as... Continue Reading →

Review – Don’t Leap, Larry!

T has so many goos books to choose from at the moment and tonight he plumped for Don't Leap, Larry! by John Briggs and Nicola Slater. Larry is a lemming who dares to be different. While all other lemmings look, sound and act alike, Larry does his own thing. He confidently asserts that he wouldn't... Continue Reading →

Shotgun Comprehension

Now, I first realised that George Ezra's song Shotgun was getting ridiculously popular when I heard it being played as part of a reception class phonics lesson (it was being used as part of a pass the parcel/sound game!). Since then though, it has reached another level with my own class as our ukulele teacher... Continue Reading →

Another FRED Reviews… Peace at Last

Tonight we have a special treat with our second #AnotherFRED, featuring John Kirk, who tweets as @jkstorytelling! John offers a lovely insight into his work and bedtime routine before a review of a classic book that T and I have yet to read. First, let me introduce your reviewers. My name is John Kirk and... Continue Reading →

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