Review – Monty and Sylvester: A Tale of Everyday Super Heroes

Tonight T stayed firmly with his most recently library haul and picked out Monty and Sylvester: A Tale of Everyday Super Heroes, by Carly Gledhill, for his bedtime story.

Monty and Sylvester are an unlikely pair of heroes. They’ve read the manual and done a bit of exercise but they don’t seem to have much else going for them. Nevertheless, after completing the 4 steps to becoming a superhero and kitting themselves out in appropriate attire, they decide the time has come to save the world!

They aren’t much cop and are immediately stumped by a stubborn cat stuck up a tree! Fortunately, a brainwave sees the introduction of a vacuum cleaner and they are soon sucking up bad guys (and pretty much everything else in their path)! It’s not long before a bad guy outwits the pair and takes control of the vacuum. If you want to know what happens next, you’ll need to grab yourself a copy of the book!

This is a fun book which needs multiple reads to fully appreciate. The text is stunted – in the style of a 60s comic-book TV show voiceover which doesn’t make it the easiest read aloud but does give it a uniqueness! The illustrations and text are presented in a haphazard comic style, with doddles and bits of text splashed all over each spread (sometimes even upside down). It means that on every page there is lots fighting for and capturing your attention.

An interesting, original book presented in a unique way. Boys and girls 4 and up, particularly those with an interest in superheroes (so all of them!), will enjoy this. T had lots of fun searching for the bad guy who puts in multiple sneaky appearances and told me, “I liked this one because it had a voo voo (vacuum).”

You can get a copy of tonight’s bedtime story via the following link.


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