Review – Mini Rabbit Not Lost

Tonight T picked out a gorgeous-looking book that we stumbled across on our most recent library visit – Mini Rabbit Not Lost by John Bond.

Mini Rabbit is making a cake with his mother and it’s very clear early on that Mini Rabbit loves cake! So you can imagine his disappoint when Mother Rabbit announces that they are out of berries and, as a result, can no longer make cake. Unwilling to give up on his cake fixation, Mini Rabbit immediately sets off on what becomes an epic quest for berries.

With cake on the brain, Mini Rabbit charges off through the woods, over hills and fields and across seas on a search for berries. His single-mindedness means he refuses all offers for help (their are lots of missed berry opportunities) and eventually ends up in a dark cave. It’s at this point that Mini Rabbit realises he is lost! Will he ever finds his much-desired berries? And if he does, will he be able to find his way home?!

This is a really fantastic debut picture book that has lots going for it. The central character captures the determination and single-mindedness of children accurately and hilariously with his chants of ‘cake’ and refusal to listen to others on his epic quest. There is also a nailed on perfect, very funny ending which will have adult readers rolling their eyes! What sets this book apart though is the artwork. It is, genuinely, stunning. It also adds to the humour of the story, particularly with the berries Mini Rabbit misses (T missed most of these) and use of eyes (T enjoyed looking for these! Lots of little detail will have you chuckling, like this…

And see if you can spot the berry joke hidden in this gorgeous spread…

A beautiful debut – we will be keeping an eye out for the next offering from John – and a lovely, fun read for children 4 and up. Lots of little details in the illustration and a very likeable character make this one to come back to repeatedly. T enjoyed it lots and told me, “He likes cake like me and then is funny when he wants ice cream!” He read solo and my knee and could recall lots, particularly Mini Rabbit’s cries of “cake!”

You can get a copy of this beautiful book via the following link.


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