Review – Little Mouse’s Big Breakfast

For tonight’s bedtime story, T picked out another of our library haul – Little Mouse’s Big Breakfast by Christine Pym.

Mouse finds himself one cold night without anything for his breakfast the next morning. Despite searching high and low for seeds and berries, it looked like Mouse would go hungry. Thankfully, Mouse knew just where to go for guaranteed food.

A quick shimmy up a dranpipe and a hop through an open window sees Mouse immediately strike gold with a plump blueberry. But, just as he is about to leave, his eye is caught by a rosey apple, then biscuits, then all manner of food that he isn’t sure he likes but decides he must take anyway! This greed could be his downfall though when another animal turns up on the hunt for something to eat! Can you guess the animal?! And will Mouse escape with his breakfast and, more importantly, his life?!

A simple story, presented in a fun way and with an appropriate moral attached. Who hasn’t had their eye caught by something more delicious looking than what they already have?! We liked the use of repetition that makes the story engaging and accessible for young readers and T was particularly interested in the big, cartoon illustrations!

A fun story to read and discuss with children 3 and up who will learn an important lesson! T enjoyed this and told me, “it was a bit scary with the big cat but fun and I liked it.” You can see him repeating some of the key words and phrases in tonight’s solo read…

You can get a copy of tonight’s story via the following link…


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