Review – Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise

T spent some of today playing in his bedroom with mummy, and they inevitably ended up reading! He enjoyed one book so much that he demanded it for his bedtime story – Hoot Owl: Master of Disguise by Sean Taylor and Jean Jullien.

Hoot Owl is an owl with a difference. He has an elaborate way with words and has labelled himself a master of disguise! He uses this skill to try and satisfy his hunger, with limited success, throughout the book.

After dressing as a carrot fails to trap a rabbit, Hoot Owl tries dressing as a sheep and an ornamental bird bath without success. It looks as if he might go hungry when he spots a pizza and tries one final disguise. Will dressing up as an Italian waiter finally help satisfy his hunger and keep the world safe from this deadly hunter? Grab yourself a copy of this awesome book and find out.

Hoot Owl has a self-inflated opinion of himself and an hilarious way with words that reminded me very much of Alan Partridge! Check out these one liners…

  • The night has a thousand eyes, and two of them are mine.
  • I swoop through the bleak blackness, like a wolf in the air.
  • The terrible silence of the night spreads everywhere but I cut through it like a knife.
  • The shadowy night stretches away forever, as black as burnt toast.

Hoot Owl is honestly one of the best characters we have every come across in a picture book. He has been written brilliantly: flamboyant, laugh-out-loud funny and somehow both incredibly arrogant and insanely likeable. He is the Alan Partridge of owls – persistent, useless, arrogant and hilarious! We loved him and this book (which is also brilliantly illustrated with big, bold, stylish images). One we would VERY highly recommend!

Children 4 and up will be engaged and laugh along at Hoot Owl’s antics! T obviously really enjoyed this one and told me, “it is excellent and the owl wears funny costumes.” He had a solo read on my knee and did a great job of remembering and repeating Hoot Owl’s much-parroted claims!

Buy this one! You can get a copy via the following link.

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      1. Have you read Mini Rabbit Not Lost? If you enjoyed Hoot Owl, I think you’d like this. A friend recommended it to me and we got it on Friday and love it.


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