Review – Go, Go, Gorilla!

Tonight T finally picked out a book that has been waiting patiently on his shelf for just over a year – Go, Go, Gorilla by Lydia Monks!

In this story, a young boy is having a friend over to stay. Whilst this might seem like fairly standard fare, there is a big twist as the boy’s friend is a gorilla! The first day goes well bananas aplenty and a space reserved for Gorilla on the top bunk. The next day promises to be filled with even more excitement due to some overnight snow but things don’t quite work out like that!

Whilst Gorilla is initially excited to see snow for the first time, it quickly becomes clear that he isn’t cut out for snow. Skiing and skating end with major falls and an attempt to build a snowman ends in disaster! Just when the day looks like it might be a write-off, our young narrator remembers something Gorilla is good at and sadness soon turns to laughter!

This is a lovely book that we both enjoyed finally getting round to reading! The story is well written, with easy to follow steps and plenty of repetition of noises and funny words (T liked wibbled and wobbled) to enjoy. The illustration is immediately identifiable as Lydia – bright colours, sharp lines and plenty of humour. I also really enjoyed the use of mixed-media, particularly with the trees!

A gorgeous, fun, easy story to explore with children 3 and up who will laugh along at Gorilla’s bumps! T really liked this and told me when I finished, “that was very funny and I want breakfast like Gorilla (banoffee pie) but no bananas!” He was smiling throughout tonight’s solo read…

Fairly sure we picked this up in one of The Works 10 for £10 bargains! If you aren’t so lucky, you can get a copy here…


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