Review – Danny and the Dream Dog

Today we received some very exciting book post courtesy of Matthew James Publishing and T was immediately eager to read one of the books he found inside – Danny and the Dream Dog by Fiona Barker and Howard Gray.

Danny is a young boy who, much like every child, dreams of having his own pet dog. Unfortunately, Danny’s mum doesn’t think it would be fair to have a dog as it would end up left indoors alone all day. Despite his best efforts – from whining to cleaning up imaginary poo – there is no changing mum’s mind and it looks as though Danny’s dream will go unfulfilled. But things change when an new neighbour moves into the flat downstairs and brings a dog with her!

Mrs Owen is too old and sore to walk her dog so Danny’s mum promises that he will do this job daily. Danny goes to sleep a head full of dreams and rushes over from school to talk Maximus on his first walk, only to find that reality doesn’t quite match his dreams! Maximus doesn’t listen, he chases other animals and he smells when it rains! Can Danny get past this and grow to love the real dog in his life more than the imaginary ones in his dreams?! Get yourself a copy of this gorgeous book and find out!

What a charming, lovely, heart-warming book this is! It captures the ups and downs of pet ownership perfectly, is filled with gentle humour and touching moments of reality and captures the feelings of the central character beautifully. I have to admit that I was reading with trepedition, waiting for the sucker punch were the dog becomes ill or something but thankfully this never arrives! Instead you get a sweet, happy ending that will send your little one to sleep dreaming of a Maximus of their own!

This is a gorgeously illustrated story with a calming, charming narrative that makes for perfect bedtime reading with children 4 and up. We both enjoyed the story which is a nailed on hit with children and dog-lovers everywhere! T told me, “I really liked it and Bunny Bear (his nursery teddy) was a bit sad because he wants to be a dog now!” His solo read includes singing, dog critiques and an understanding of the emotions involved…

Just an additional point – I really enjoyed how this book featured a realistic, modern family (single, working parent, not much money, living in a flat) without making a big deal of it. There should be more of this.

You can get a copy of this lovely story via the following link…

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