Review – Woolf

Tonight T headed straight for his library pile again to pick out his bedtime story, selecting Woolf by Alex Latimer and Patrick Latimer. The story opens with a singing sheep and a stalking she-wolf falling in love. After a marriage that neither the flock or the pride approve of, a baby boy is born -... Continue Reading →

Review – Grandmas from Mars

After football today we enjoyed another visit to our awesome local library! T came away with a haul of new books and it was from this pile that he picked tonight's bedtime story - Grandmas from Mars by Michelle Robinson and Fred Blunt. Fred and Nell's parents leave them in the capable hands of their... Continue Reading →

Review – Abigail

As we finished last night's bedtime story, T noticed a plug for some other books and was interested in one in particular as it shared a name with his cousin! He was very pleased tonight then to spot that same book in his room and immediately picked out Abigail, by Catherine Rayner, for his bedtime... Continue Reading →

Review – Mighty Mo

After a late parents evening, I arrived home just in time for a bedtime story and T picked out Mighty Mo by Alison Brown. Mo is a young raccoon who found himself bored at the zoo one day. Determined to fix this boredom, he heads out into the zoo grounds in search of something exciting... Continue Reading →

Review – The Colour of Happy

Tonight, a grumpy T picked out a book which explores feelings - The Colour of Happy by Laura Baker and Angie Rozelaar. The book opens as we meet a boy (the narrator) enjoy a spring walk. He moves from calm (shown as blue) to happy (yellow) when he spots a dandelion clock which he immediately... Continue Reading →

Review – Everybunny Dream!

T wasn't feeling to great this evening (he had sore bones) and so we decided on a soothing bedtime story - Everybunny Dream! by Ellie Sandall. This is the story of a group of bunnies who, after a busy day filled with play, head inside for bed. With the pre-bedtime routine and cuddles done, the... Continue Reading →

Review – Rocketmole

For tonight's bedtime story, T picked out a second book by an author we recently discovered at his school book fair - Rocketmole by Matt Carr. Armstrong (class name choice!) is a star-nosed mole with lofty ambitions. Bored with his life underground and inspired by what he sees through his homemade telescope, he decides to... Continue Reading →

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