Review – The Three Little Pigs

T has been learning all about the story of The Three Little Pigs at Big Boy School so mummy, being the booknerd she is, had prepared a selection of versions, with an accompanying wolf teddy, for T to choose from tonight. After some deliberation, he settled on a straight retelling – The Three Little Pigs by Susanna Davidson and Georgien Overwater.

The story here sticks pretty faithfully to the tale that adults and children everywhere will instantly recognise. The three pigs move out and set about building houses for themselves – one straw, one wood and one built with bricks. Before long, the Big Bad Wolf turns up and starts his huffing and puffing and I’m sure you all know what happens next!

This is a sweet picture book version that is faithful to the traditional tale with the words but offers an update for a modern audience with some jokes dotted amongst the illustrations. The wolf is the source of much of this – by the time he starts huffing and puffing he is bandaged up and has his leg in a pot! Recognisable, reassuring and readable sum this one up nicely.

This version makes for a bright, easy-to-read introduction to the story of The Three Little Pigs that children of all ages will enjoy. T recognised and joined in with chinny chin chin moments and the huffing/puffing. He told me, “I like this one a lot,” before demanding a flick through the other options mummy had provided. He enjoyed his solo read so much he did it twice!

You can get the version we enjoyed tobight here…


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